Double-glass bifacial solar panel half cut 550W solar panel

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Module CS550W-96
Encapsulation Class / Eva / Cell / Eva / Backsheet
Maximum Power Pmax(W) 550
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp/V) 50.1
Maximum Power Current(Imp/A) 11
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc/V) 60.12
Short Circuit Currrnt(Isc/A) 11.54
Cell Efficiency(%) 23.31
Module Efficiency(%) 21.16
Power Tolerance(W) 0~+5W
Temperature Coefficient of Isc(αIsc) 0.059%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of Voc(βVoc) -0.33%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax(γVoc) -0.410%/℃
STC Irradiance 1000w/㎡, Cell Temperature 25℃, Air Mass 1.5
The Advantages of Monocrystalline Double-glass bifacial solar panel: 1. The temperature coefficient is lower than that of conventional components, and the response spectrum is wide, haze, cloudy and other weak light conditions, higher power output. 2. The service life of ordinary modules is 25 years, and the service life of five-star double-glass modules can reach 30 years. 3. Selected packaging materials and strict craftsmanship ensure that the components are resistant to PID and snail patterns. 4. The fire rating of general modules is C, and the fire rating of five-star double-glass modules is A. 5. Can withstand up to 1500V system voltage, effectively reducing BOS costs. 6. N-type modules have no light-to-decay characteristic (LID), increasing the power generation of the modules.Q1: What's the warranty of products A:12-year product warranty,25-year performance warranty (30-year for double glass products).You can contact our sales for more details. Q2: Where can I install photovoltaic panels A:Generally, photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof. In principle, the southeast and west without shading can be. Generally installed to the south, the specific angle design unit will be obtained in advance through data query.

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